For Business Owners Who Are Selling More but Keeping Less

Run Your Business 'By The Numbers' to Keep More of What You Make

So You Can Finally Get Ahead Financially

It's Not What You Make, It's What You KEEP

The Biggest Lie In Entrepreneur Culture:

Sales Cures All

In the first 10 years of my business, I believed that if I just sold more, everything would get better.

I heard, again and again, statements like “build a 7-figure business,” or - better yet - “Sales Cures All.”

"Where'd All My Money Go?!"

I soon had my first $250k year, then a $500k year, and each time I logged into my online banking I had the exact same experience:

I sold more and more, but was disappointed again and again with how much I’d actually kept.

A question started screaming at me more and more loudly:

“Where’d all my money go?!”

When I learned about fast-growth awards like the Inc 5000, I saw companies celebrated for top-line revenue.

In fact, Inc 5000 called these companies “America’s Most Successful Small Businesses.”

Nothing else seemed to matter, not debt, profitability, customer satisfaction nor team culture.

See for yourself, taken from the Inc Magazine's FAQ...

Profitability is NOT a Consideration to be in the Inc 5000…WTF?

The Message is Clear...

Selling More (Even If You Don't Have Profit) = Success
(According to Inc. 5000)


"Sales Without Profit Is Just More Work"

~ Jack Stack

Saved 11 Businesses From Bankruptcy

After 4 years, countless hours, and approximately $100K in tuition and travel expenses to criss-cross the continent, I felt I had the confidence of knowing how to look at my numbers, and seeing where my money went.

Along the way I was already helping other businesses to not just make more sales, but keep more cash, and they were seeing exciting results. 

Doubling and tripling their cash in the bank pretty quickly!

While allowing them to sleep easy at night, without the panic of wondering if there'll be enough in the bank to make payroll this month.

I've also had the honor of saving 11 businesses from bankruptcy purely by being able to look at their numbers and immediately see the threats (and opportunities) in their business.

Sat on 150 Boards Seeing Full Financials

With this newfound knowledge, I was able to completely renovate my two companies and generate more profit margin than ever before. Allowing me to keep more cash at the end of the day.

I've gone on to teach hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners how they can do the same in their business.

I've also sat in over 150 board meetings with other Entrepreneurs where I got to see the financials of dozens of businesses. It's crazy how a business can "look" healthy on the outside (big revenue numbers) but can actually be on the brink of bankruptcy.

Now I'd like to pass the torch on to you so you can boost your profits and build a sustainable business that serves you, instead of the other way around.

Know Your Numbers:
Build Your Profit Factory Bootcamp

February 14th, 15th 16th, 2022 on Zoom

For Business Owners Who Are Tired of Working Harder and Harder, Yet Never Seem to be Getting Ahead Financially

Too many businesses are riding the financial rollercoaster of ups and downs - even when each year they sold more than the year before.

This 3 Day Live Bootcamp transforms Business Owners from being scared to open up their online banking app to being Pro CEOs who are confident in making true financial progress in their business.

You’ll discover new tools, methods, frameworks and examples to aid you on your journey to graduate into becoming a Pro CEO.

Pro CEOs have the confidence, clarity, and competency to make effective strategic decisions based on their numbers, regardless if they’re a solopreneur or they own an 8-figure business.

Like our student and client, Justin Eckrich, who owns a Marketing Agency.

He Sold $600,000 But Was Stone Broke

Justin remembers the weekend from hell.

His company had $600K in revenue but was teetering on bankruptcy.

On Memorial day weekend on 2016, Justin took his family on what was supposed to be a picturesque vacation to relax and recharge.

Justin was set to collect $20,000 in client payments that Friday.

Because of the holiday weekend, payments didn't process and he was left with barely anything in the bank the entire weekend.

He recalls being terrified that his Credit Card would decline as he was buying ice cream for his two young daughters.

What was supposed to be a relaxing family getaway turned out to be one of the most stressful weekends of his life.

Revenue Up By 28%, Profit Up By 161%, Cash Up By 928%

In 2017, we worked with Justin to turn the ship around.

Incredibly, in the 10 months that followed, Justin

...Increased his Sales by 28%...

...While Profit went up by 161%...

...And Cash in the bank grew by 928%...

...All within a 10 month period...

...How can it be that cash can go up by 928% when sales only goes up by 28%?

When you build a profit factory, you can make this phenomenon happen as well.

Me and Justin after helping him turn his business around

In This 3-Day Live Bootcamp, You Will...

  • Discover Profit 'hiding in plain sight' in your business to grow your bottom line, without always resorting to “selling more”

  • Cut the money-shame exponentially with newfound excitement of what's possible in your business by turning your business into a ‘Profit Factory’’.

  • Break the cycle of having another year where the business is living "paycheck-to-paycheck" in order to survive

  • Create a system that will free you from the hell of constantly neglecting time with your family, friends and even your health/fitness... even if you've been trapped in "Just Sell More" mentality with no end in sight.

  • Pay yourself what you're worth, without ever worrying if there'll be enough money to cover your expenses, including taxes at year end.

  • Finally stop the maddening cycle of "grow-spend-hire, grow-spend-hire" with no end in sight

  • Discover how to understand where your money is going and what you're actually making from your business instead of waiting until the end of the year when it’s too late to make a difference

  • How to "see" your business in a whole new way, allowing you to spot where you might be making costly mistakes and how to fix them

Know Your Numbers Addresses 'Level 4' on
the 5 Levels of 80/20

Most Business Owners ONLY Wear the Level 2: 'Skill' Hat and Have Never Been Taught HOW to Wear the Level 4: 'Executive' Hat

Most Courses Teaches You How to Increase 'Revenue'
Know Your Numbers Teaches You How to Increase
'Free Cash'

'Revenue' doesn't buy Dreams

'Free Cash' buys Dreams

Like the saying goes...

"It's Not What You Make, It's What You KEEP"

Here's What's Included

This is a 3 day bootcamp where we’ll build your ‘Profit Factory’ from the ground up. Helping you identify the tools, spreadsheets, and resources needed so your business ends up keeping more profit, and ultimately, cash in the bank. 

We’ll also help identify inefficiencies in your business to stop the bleeding. At the same time, you’ll find areas of opportunity hiding in plain sight to capitalize on.

At the end of the 3 days, you’ll have clarity and confidence to lead your team ‘by the numbers’, instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


February 14th, 15th 16th, 2022 on Zoom

Engineering Financial Success

Financial success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens when we’re intentional about ‘engineering’ our business in order for it to be financially successful.

Our business is a system, and every system should be well engineered in order to hit the outcomes we want.

  • Building out your Profit Factory around Profit Margin and Cash so you double down on what’s working and ditch what’s not

  • Blueprinting your Profit Factory with Engine Rooms, Engines, Engineers, Dials and Meeting Rhythms so your business runs smoothly and predictably

  • Choosing ‘Sleep Easy at Night’ metrics so you and your team are focused on key metrics that determine the health of your business

Forecasting Numbers With Confidence

Running your business based on how much cash you have in your checking account is a recipe for disaster. This results in a rollercoaster of emotions every time a big sale comes through, or every time you make a big expense and money leaves your account.

This leads to the unhealthy addiction of always chasing the next sale so we can feel at ease when we open our banking app.

  • Walk away with your own Cashflow Forecast so you can see into the future to ensure your business isn’t going to run out of oxygen (aka, Cash)

  • Immediately boost profit and cash by doing a simple exercise that is often overlooked and forgotten which takes under an hour

  • Discover cash hiding in plain sight by looking at your financials and pinpointing the cash in places you didn’t think to look

Finding Treasure Chests of Profit

Making more “Sales” is only ONE way to generate more Profit. There are dozens of ways to generate Profit in your business that most business owners are unaware of.

The way you produce your product/service is a goldmine of profit waiting to be discovered. Same with the way you acquire a new customer.

  • Discover the ‘leaky holes’ in the way you produce your products/services so you can plug them once and for all

  • Find out which customer acquisition channel you should double down on and which ones are actually costing you more money than it’s worth

  • Create a financial model that works within your business so you’re able to decide which actions to take that will help you hit your financial goals

Crystal Clarity On Where Your Business Stands Today

Having clarity on where your business stands on a weekly basis is fundamental in keeping you and your team on-track to hit your goals.

This allows for any pivots to happen and any issues to be surfaced instead of waiting till the end of the quarter (or end of the year) which will be too late. 

  • Build scorecards and dashboards aligned with your goals so you and your team stay focused on hitting those numbers

  • Have certainty on what amount of cash you’re able to touch and what amount is needed for future expenses (taxes, inventory, equipment…etc)

BONUS: Access to KYN 3.0 Masterclass ($2,000 Value)

Get instant access to the Know Your Numbers 3.0 Masterclass so you understand the basics of “Entrepreneur Accounting”, which is only 2% of what you need to know from the boring “Tax Accounting” which we all love to hate.

  • Understand how to use your numbers and financials to be the kind of business owner who makes high-level strategic decisions ‘by the numbers’ instead of guessing.

  • ‘Speak the language’ of numbers so your Accountant and Bookkeeper are working WITH you to hit your financial goals, instead of avoiding them until tax time.

  • Fun, real world examples and case studies that make looking at ‘Numbers’ into something you look forward to with your newfound skill of ‘seeing’ what others can’t see.

BONUS: 'ABC' Cash Planning Training ($950 Value)

The first red cell you see marks your 'crisis line'

In this training, I share my Cashflow Forecast template which I created out of necessity early on in my career as an Entrepreneur to make sure I didn’t go out of business.

I also walk through how to plan your cash for the quarter along with creating back-up plans so you don’t make hasty decisions based on emotions.

  • Understand the 4 markers of true progress to building a successful business. Most gurus out there focus on ‘Process Metrics’ with little emphasis on true ‘Progress Metrics’

  • Discover the ‘Money Mosaic’ framework that shows the difference between Revenue, Profit, Cash Collected, Non-Free Cash, and Free Cash. This will show you what you’re able to spend freely and what you need on hand to pay for upcoming expenses

  • How to create an ‘ABC Plan’ along with clear triggers for each plan so you know what actions to take in the heat of the moment without defaulting to an emotional decision that ruins your business

BONUS: Strategic Quarterly Planning ($500 Value)

In this training, I share how I go about reviewing the past quarter and also how I set up strategic plans for the upcoming quarter for my business.

This helps me and my team stay on track with our metrics while keeping an eye on opportunities to capitalize on and threats that are lurking around the corner. I address topics like...

  • The 3 tools I use to get clear on my long term goals, while making sure they're in alignment with my short term quarterly plan so I'm not building a business that I'll end up resenting

  • What environmental forces to be aware of so you, as the leader, can proactively react to these external forces that may impact your business in a in a positive (or negative) way

  • How I have my team run a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for each department of the business so I can leverage their knowledge and expertise to plan our upcoming quarter

  • Get access to my Quarterly Planning Template so you don't have to start from scratch trying to create your own

BONUS: 80/20 Top Customer Compass ($1,000 Value)

Clients with all 3 columns highlighted Green are your best customers

In this training, I share how to do a proper 80/20 - RFM (Recency, Frequency, Money) Analysis on your customer list so you can identify your top 5% - 10% - 20% of customers who are your 'Superfans'

Not all customers are created equal. Identifying your 'Superfans' will allow you to:

  • Ask them what other services or products they want, pre-sell it to them, THEN go and create it for them. This eliminates the risk of putting time, energy and money into creating something no one will buy.

  • Ask your Superfans for referrals so you can find more people like them to work with, like the old saying goes..."Birds of a feather, flock together"

  • Create a 'lookalike audience' so your ads are shown to those who 'look like' your Superfans, instead of wasting precious ad dollars on tire-kickers who will never become a customer

  • Show them you care by sending a small gift or a hand-written Thank You card, birthday card, anniversary card...etc. This will create a ‘Powerful Moment’ they won't forget, which leads to them talking to others about your business without you asking for it. 

What Others Are Saying About
Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers: Build Your Profit Factory
Allows You To Climb The 80/20 Curve

Here's a Quick Recap of What You Get

Ticket: Know Your Numbers: Build Your Profit Factory Bootcamp ($2,000 Value)

February 14th, 15th, 16th, 2022 on Zoom

BONUS: Know Your Numbers 3.0 Masterclass ($2,000 Value)

BONUS: 'ABC' Cash Planning Training ($950 Value)

BONUS: Strategic Quarterly Planning ($500 Value)

BONUS: '80/20' Customer Analysis Training ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $6,450

Your Investment: $2,000

(Or 2 Payments of $1,200)

YES! I Want
Know Your Numbers: Build Your Profit Factory
+ $4,450 Worth of Bonuses

Our Founder Has Been Featured In:

Is This For Me...?

There’s plenty of “Experts” out there promising that they’ll “10X” your sales", or “double your conversions”, with no mention of how much of that you’ll actually KEEP at the end of the day.

This advice might be tempting to follow for anyone who is new to Entrepreneurship. But if you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably seen through the BS ‘veil’ and realize running a *profitable* business is more than “Just Selling More”.

This Program Is For Business Owners Who...

  • Have anxiety opening up their online banking app and they want to feel at ease instead

  • Are sick and tired of riding the financial rollercoaster of ups and downs - even when each year they grossed more than the year before.

  • Are tired of working harder and harder, yet don't seem to be getting ahead financially.

  • Feel like, even though their business is generating revenue, they haven't been able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  • Don’t really know what’s going on with their numbers and financials, which doesn’t allow them to make high-level strategic decisions

  • Are looking for ways to reduce debt and live a profitable, fun life, without stress or struggle.

  • Want to feel more organized, strategic and confident in the financial status of their business

  • Want to take the guessing and stress out of running the business by knowing exactly what they need to charge to feel confident in what they’ll actually keep.

  • Haven't yet mastered their cash flow and aren't sure if they've actually made any money until the end of the year.

  • Have grown in scale and feel like money is flying out without knowing where it's really going

  • Are fed up with the entrepreneurial stress (and even depression) of the lack of cash reserves in their bank account with no safety net

This is for real humans.

Because most of us business owners do not (and will not) ever think like accountants. We will not sit for hours pouring over statements and spreadsheets of profit & loss calculations.

We just won't.

So if this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place.

Increased Profits by $584,000 for
3 Entrepreneurs in 15 Weeks

As you can probably tell by now, “Sales” numbers don’t excite me, “Profit” numbers excite me. I once helped a client find $472,000 in net profit within a 3 month period. Incredibly, 55% of that money was found playing “defense”. 

If ‘Sales and Marketing’ is “offense”, then “defense” are other strategies a business uses internally that helps drive those profit numbers. This is what you’ll learn in this program.

And since then, I’ve generated millions in new profit for others…(not sales… profit!).

Here are a few exciting case studies of recent customer wins clients who started with Know Your Numbers and then joined my 15 week group coaching program:

$140,000 Cash in the Bank Without Increasing Sales

Troy Royster put an extra $140,000 cash in the bank in just 15 weeks working with me. He did this without increasing sales at all (100% defense). In fact, it would have taken over $900,000 in extra sales to get the same cash bump, which would have taken way longer, and been way harder.

$200,000 Cash in the Bank, Now Taking Care of Parents Health

Todd Dean put an extra $200,000 cash in the bank in just 15 weeks working with me. This allowed him to give back to his parents by getting them the healthcare they deserved. Also gave Todd the peace of mind knowing his business was safe. The cherry on top: Todd also picked up a beautiful new Audi S5 sports car.

Boosted Profitability by $244,000, and She Said "YES!!"

Business partners Mark Springer and Katie Coles boosted profitability by $244,000 in just 15 weeks working with me, which allowed them to pay off all debt and create added security in their business. This newfound financial clarity gave Mark the confidence to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes!

I’m so proud of them, their courage, and their willingness to take on the tough, yet rewarding, job of becoming a Pro CEO.

I can’t wait to see where your journey goes.

What Others Are Saying About Know Your Numbers

"My entire experience and every touch point with Tim Francis and his company has really revolutionized the way I see business.

It's pretty easy to implement. It wasn't rocket science,  it was just stuff that I was never taught. I was taught sales, marketing, driving hard, hustling and building.

Tim also taught me what true entrepreneurship looks like, how to run a business, how to build a company and how to be a 'true CEO'.

- Lucas Rubix

"Knowing how to get enough 'precision' to make the right 'decision' was key. It's easy to pull cash when there's money in the bank, but not all of that cash is 'Free Cash'.

"The whole course has been mind-blowing. Just understanding the basics of financials is huge, and the clarity that all problems aren't solved by revenue"

- Rory Hochstein
Unstuck Consulting

- Lori St. Martin

"My key takeaway is understanding the balance sheet is my report card. After all my years in business, I have never looked at my balance sheet and I've never understood what it was."

"What blew my mind was the Bloat Factor. Instead of always focusing on revenue, what if we just cut expenses. Also getting clear on our "fuzzy ROI" activities so we can double down on what works"

- Allison Shride

- Dan Kaminski

"I now have clarity of my numbers so I don't feel like an idiot when the Accountant is showing me something. I'm not going to avoid my Accountant's calls anymore because I feel embarrassed"

"The key is finding the profit margin and building the profit factory to exploit it. Using tools like the cashflow forecast and decision-making matrix so we know what problem we're solving for."

- Matthew Carrat

- Annabel Landaverde

Ticket: Know Your Numbers: Build Your Profit Factory Bootcamp ($2,000 Value)

February 14th, 15th, 16th, 2022 on Zoom

BONUS: Know Your Numbers 3.0 Masterclass ($2,000 Value)

BONUS: 'ABC' Cash Planning Training ($950 Value)

BONUS: Strategic Quarterly Planning ($500 Value)

BONUS: '80/20' Customer Analysis Training ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $6,450

Your Investment: $2,000

(Or 2 Payments of $1,200)


Is There a Guarantee?

Yes! We have a ‘Positive ROI Money Back Guarantee’. If you haven’t made your initial investment back after implementing the strategies in module 1 of the Masterclass, then let us know and we'll refund your money back. We’re THAT confident this Masterclass is going to be a positive return on investment for you.

How Do I Know it's For Me?

If you avoid your accountant and you're intimidated by a balance sheet and/or income statement, then this course is for you. As Business Owners gain more experience under their belt, they start to see how valuable it is to have clarity to make confident and smart financial decisions for their business.

What's the Difference Between the Masterclass and the Live Workshop?

The principles and teaching points are similar. In the Live Workshop, you'll get the ability to practice simulations in a live group environment with other Business Owners. Being able to spot opportunities and threats for a business you know nothing about. You can also ask questions and get live feedback.

What if I'm Not Good with Numbers?

I felt the same way. I actually failed calculus 3 times and got rejected from business school multiple times as well. There's only 2% of Accounting that us Business Owners need to know. The rest we can leave to our accountants.

So if you can use a simple calculator, you're good!

What if I'm Too Busy so I Don't Have Time?

In the '5 Levels of 80/20' taught in Know Your Numbers, this course is Level 4 (Executive) and Level 5 (Investor) training meant to pull you out of the whirlwind of day-to-day activities so you’re not stuck in Level 2 (Skill) doing all the work yourself. Even more important for you to get this course so you can elevate yourself to Level 4 and 5 to become a Business Owner who leads your team to do the work.

What if I Already Have an Accountant / Bookkeeper?

Most accountants and bookkeepers are focused on ‘Tax Accounting’ and are pretty clueless when it comes to ‘Business Owner Accounting’, which helps Business Owners make strategic decisions based on their numbers. Plus, it’s hard for your Accountant to help you make strategic business decisions when they’ve got dozens or hundreds of other clients to take care of.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Here's how it works: If your business is making over $100,000 in sales and you attend all live sessions, do all the homework and if the program hasn't paid for itself over the coming 12 months, then we'll give you back double your investment.

We are confident this course will "pay for itself" through either annualized reduced expenses, annualized increased profits, or additional cash collected.

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Like Andy Who Found $38,000 in 2 Hours After Going Through His AR

YES! I Want Know Your Numbers
+ Bonuses

Get Out of "The Trap"...
Start Focusing On
'Profitable Sales'
Not Just
'More Sales'

We became an Entrepreneur to create a better life for ourselves and our family.

We sacrificed our time, money, energy and relationships hoping *one day* we’ll be able to have the time and financial freedom to do what we want, when we want, with whoever we want.

Then reality sets in and we quickly realize we’ve built ourselves a trap and we can’t get out.

  • The trap of always focusing on revenue without any focus on how much cash we actually keep at the end of the day.

  • The trap of waiting for the next shiny object from the latest ‘Expert’ to save our business so we can live our dream life.

  • The trap of putting in longer and longer hours into our business while our closest relationships wither away because we’re never present with those we love.

It’s time to break free from this trap and have our business serve us, instead of being a slave to our business.

The only way out that I know of, is by being a business owner who builds a Profit Factory that gives us the cash to live our dreams.

Someone who understands the rules of the game and knows which levers to pull to win the game.

Let Me Do The Heavy Lifting For You

I’ve spent the time, energy, and money learning from the best in the industry around this topic in the past 12 years of being a Business Owner. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

The methods and frameworks I’ve created have been battle-tested with real businesses from start-ups to multi 8-figure businesses to help them KEEP more profit and cash.

Most Business Owners will continue turning a blind eye when it comes to their numbers and financials.

They’d rather abdicate responsibility to their Accountant and Bookkeeper, thinking they have their best interests at heart while they're juggling dozens or hundreds of other clients. (see CrossFit Gym example above)

Most Business Owners Are Flying Blind, On the Brink of Financial Disaster

The few who are actually serious about becoming a 'Pro CEO' will take action towards understanding the language of business, numbers and financials, in order to lead their business and team towards true financial progress to make lasting impact in the world.

So whether you decide to shortcut your path to learning how to use numbers to influence your ability as a Business Owner to KEEP more of what you make by joining me in Know Your Numbers: Build Your Profit Factory Bootcamp...

...or you decide to spend your valuable time, energy and money to figure it out on your own...

I truly hope you're able to make progress in this vital area of business so you have clarity and confidence around keeping more profit in your business, instead of flying blind like the majority of Business Owners out there.

Here's What You Get

Ticket: Know Your Numbers: Build Your Profit Factory Bootcamp ($2,000 Value)

February 14th, 15th, 16th, 2022 on Zoom

BONUS: Know Your Numbers 3.0 Masterclass ($2,000 Value)

BONUS: 'ABC' Cash Planning Training ($950 Value)

BONUS: Strategic Quarterly Planning ($500 Value)

BONUS: '80/20' Customer Analysis Training ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: $6,450

Your Investment: $2,000

(Or 2 Payments of $1,200)

Here are the Free Tools I Promised

          Cashflow Forecast and        
Bloat Calculator

Hi, my name is Tim.

I'm an award-winning, Canadian Business Owner now based in Austin, TX. I've been a guest lecturer at NYU in New York City, and has been featured on the websites of Forbes and Inc Magazine.

In my 20s, I drank substantial volumes of Entrepreneur 'Kool-Aid', chasing dreams of financial freedom and attempting to work only a few hours per week.  This misguided ambition led to just the opposite:

100 hour work weeks and $200,000 of debt.

This stress and exhaustion mounted to a breaking point in 2010 when I developed a rare stress-related illness.  For 3 months I couldn’t walk. 

At 28 years old, I had to move back in with my parents for full-time care, the most broke (and broken) I’d ever been.

In the second month of my bedrest I had a divine encounter where I realized my pursuit of Fame and Fortune was ill-advised, and I made a new promise to myself, to pursue...

...Truth and Mastery

In the years since recovering, I've spent 4 years and over $100,000 traveling the world learning what True Progress is for Business Owners. 

I've paid off every dime of my $200,000 debt, and launched two successful companies, Great Assistant and Profit Factory.

In addition to running my own companies, I now speak and coach with Entrepreneurs around the world, specifically on how to become a 'Real' Business Owner, one who makes clear, confident decisions by the numbers and builds a business that makes True Progress. 

My friendly, warm, funny style makes the challenge of graduating from Entrepreneur to Business Owner achievable.

I look forward to seeing you inside the Know Your Numbers Masterclass.