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Day 1: Entrepreneur Accounting

  • Why your bank account doesn't have as much money as you think it should... where'd it go?  
  • Why "just sell more" is misleading, and what to focus on instead.  
  • The 2% of Accounting us Entrepreneurs need to know, and the 98% we can leave to our Accountants.  
  • The Magic of looking at Financials and instantly spotting the big issues and opportunities.  
  • How to talk to your Accountant / Bookkeeper.  
  • What Entrepreneur Accounting is, and how we can use it build a rock-solid business.  
  • How to make clear, Executive-level decisions that help grow your financial position. No more "invest and pray for the best."  
  • The core misudersandings that hold us Entrepreneurs back, and how to break through.

Day 2: The Treasure Map

  • Demystifying the core 3 financial documents: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflows.  
  • Discovering how the 3 documents flow together to - literally - tell the story of your business.  
  • Opportunity to do live simulatons. Practice your new skills by taking a business you've never seen before and - using your new Entrepreneur Accounting skills - find issues an opportunities withn minutes.  
  • See how your new insights can turn into Executive Strategy to expertly guide your business.

Day 3: Now, Your Business

  • Now that you've got Entrepepreneur Accounting skills, how do we bring that into your own business?  
  • The ideal first steps you can take to get up and running in just a few weeks.  
  • Fundamental analysis tools so you can analyze your own Financials.  
  • How Financials can help create business Dashboards so you can run your business "by the numbers," even the non-financial metrics.  
  • How to setup a solid workflow with your team so you can get financial reports delivered to you with little work on your behalf.

Know Your Numbers Workshop

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August 10, 11, 12, 2020
9:00am - 6:00pm Central  

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LIVECAST Event Ticket and
Online Training Course Bundle- $995

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