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How to Increase Your Cash in the Bank Without Being Stuck on the Hamster Wheel of
"Just Sell More"

...Even If You Don't Quite Understand Your Financials

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Why "Just Sell More" Is Often The Wrong Advice

In the first 10 years of my business, I believed that if I just sold more, everything would get better.

I heard, again and again, statements like “build a 7-figure business,” or - better yet - “Sales Cures All.”

When I learned about fast-growth awards like the Inc 5000, I saw companies celebrated for top-line revenue. In fact, Inc 5000 called these companies “America’s Most Successful Small Businesses.”

Nothing else seemed to matter, not debt, profitability, customer satisfaction nor team culture.

See for yourself, taken from the Inc Magazine help center...

The message was clear: 

Selling More = Success

I wanted to be successful and celebrated by my peers too, so I dedicated myself to selling more.

Where'd My Money Go?!

I’ll always remember the afternoon when I realized I’d crossed $100K for the first time. I was sitting quietly at my desk when I ran a sales report. 

My jaw dropped... 

I was stunned to see I’d surpassed $100K for the first time ever.

I was so thrilled, so proud!

Then I cracked open my bank account and what did I see?

Too little.  


I was as confused as I was frustrated.

The answer, I thought?...  “Just Sell More!”

So I did. 

I soon had my first $250k year, then first $500k year, and each time I logged into my online banking I had the exact same experience: I sold more and more, but was disappointed again and again with how much I’d actually kept.

A question started screaming at me more and more loudly: “Where’d my money go?!”

My Accountant Made Me Feel Stupid

I called my Accountant for help.  He said some crazy jargon of Accounting words that left me feeling stupid and lost.  I left with more questions than answers.

But I refused to quit.  I hated feeling so frustrated that I wasn’t making better financial progress.

This led me on a journey flying around North America to attend workshops and seminars on "leading by the numbers". I even enrolled in an Accounting class at the University of Alberta to get this part of my business handled

(Side Note: I failed Calculus in high school 3 times, then was rejected from Business School in college 3 times - so I’ve never been a math or numbers guy.  Couldn’t believe I was actually going back to University to study Accounting!)

'Diamond Financials' Helping 2X - 3X Cash In The Bank

After 4 years, countless hours, and approximately $100K in tuition and travel expenses to criss-cross the continent, I felt I had the confidence of knowing how to look at my numbers, and seeing where my money went.

Along the way I was already helping other businesses using a framework I created called 'Diamond Financials' to not just make more, but keep more, and they were seeing exciting results.  Doubling and tripling their cash in the bank pretty quickly!

While allowing them to sleep easy at night, without the panic of wondering if there'll be enough in the bank to make payroll this month.

So, exactly how do you get OFF the "Just Sell More" hamster wheel?

Is there a system or method to understanding financials that pro CEOs and Business Owners use to run their business 'by the numbers'?

The good news is... There is!

And you're about to discover exactly what it is...

Know Your Numbers Workshop

For Entrepreneurs Who Hate Accounting And Want to Get Their Financials Under Control

  • 3-Day Zoom Livestream happening on
  • September 13, 14, 15, 2021 from 9am - 6pm CST.

You already know that professional CEOs and Business Owners run their company ‘by the numbers’.

Most of them make high-level strategic decisions just by looking at their financial statements.

When you understand your numbers, you'll gain that 'Superpower' as well.

Like my client, Justin Eckrich, who was able to increase his sales by 28%, profit by 161% and cash in the bank by 928% within an 8 month period...

...while his profit margin jumped from 17% to 36%!

In This 3 Day Workshop, You Will...

  • Discover the 2% of Accounting us Entrepreneurs need to know so we can make high-level strategic decisions, and the 98% we can leave to our Accountants.

  • Understand why "Just Sell More" is misleading advice from all the 'experts' out there, and what to focus on instead to increase your cash position.

  • Discovering how the 3 documents (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflows) flow together to - literally - tell the story of your business based on numbers, not emotions.

  • Find out how Financials can help create business Dashboards so you can run your business and your team 'by the numbers', even the non-financial metrics. It's hard to 'win' when no one is keeping score.

  • Know how to set up a solid workflow with your team so you can get financial reports delivered to you on a weekly basis with little work on your behalf. No more guesswork or surprises when it comes to the flow of your money. 

  • Understand the core financial mindset myths that hold us Entrepreneurs back, and how to break through in order to hit our financial goals so we can make a bigger impact in the world

Here's What You'll Learn Inside

We've packaged this Workshop into 3 full days where we'll dive into demystifying the 3 core financial documents: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflows. Along with all the confusing financial jargon that has most Entrepreneurs running the other direction.

We’ll also break down the myths most Entrepreneurs are blindly following that leaves them stuck in the “Just Sell More” hamster wheel which leads stress and burnout.

At the end of the 3 days, you'll have clarity and confidence around your financials so you can make strategic decisions based on numbers, instead of throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Day 1: Entrepreneur Accounting

  • Why your bank account doesn't have as much money as you think it should... where'd it go?  
  • Why "just sell more" is misleading, and what to focus on instead.  
  • The 2% of Accounting us Entrepreneurs need to know, and the 98% we can leave to our Accountants.  
  • The Magic of looking at Financials and instantly spotting the big issues and opportunities.  
  • How to talk to your Accountant / Bookkeeper.  
  • What Entrepreneur Accounting is, and how we can use it build a rock-solid business.  
  • How to make clear, Executive-level decisions that help grow your financial position. No more "invest and pray for the best."  
  • The core misudersandings that hold us Entrepreneurs back, and how to break through.

Day 2: The Treasure Map

  • Demystifying the core 3 financial documents: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflows.  
  • Discovering how the 3 documents flow together to - literally - tell the story of your business.  
  • Opportunity to do live simulatons. Practice your new skills by taking a business you've never seen before and - using your new Entrepreneur Accounting skills - find issues an opportunities withn minutes.  
  • See how your new insights can turn into Executive Strategy to expertly guide your business.

Day 3: Now, Your Business

  • Now that you've got Entrepepreneur Accounting skills, how do we bring that into your own business?  
  • The ideal first steps you can take to get up and running in just a few weeks.  
  • Fundamental analysis tools so you can analyze your own Financials.  
  • How Financials can help create business Dashboards so you can run your business "by the numbers," even the non-financial metrics.  
  • How to setup a solid workflow with your team so you can get financial reports delivered to you with little work on your behalf.

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A Millionaire Isn't Someone Who's Made A Million,
They've Kept A Million.

For the last 4 years, we've helped Entrepreneurs to not only make more money, but actually keep more of it.  

We aren't financial planners. We work in management consulting for small business owners - helping you to run your business more profitably, while keeping you focused on your highest-level tasks.

Our clients achieve their goals more quickly, sometimes years earlier.

YES in their business, but also in their personal, and impact goals as well. The more cash our clients keep, the more they can accelerate what matters most to them.  

We help people grow in some key ways:  

  • CASH - How do we actually keep more cash so you've got the maximum financial flexibility to expand / upgrade your business, your lifestyle, and / or your impact in the world?  

  • CLARITY - How do we gain clarity of the current situation, then roll that into a clear, Executive-level plan, with explicit KPIs everyone on the team is paying attention to?  

  • REPUTATION - How can we accomplish all of this while establishing, expanding, and protecting your reputation as a first-class, Executive Entrepreneur? Being wealthy, solid, and sustainable can absolutely co-exist with an outstanding industry and community reputation.  

We See This Pain Every Week:

  • "Invest and Pray for the Best" - Entrepreneurs looking at their bank account and making decisions by what they see in their bank.  

  • Frustration with Financials - Entrepreneurs feeling incompetent with financial numbers. Avoiding their Accountant at all costs.  

  • Confusion on True Health - No clarity on the most important numbers in their business - both leading and lagging indicators. No idea if the business is going up or down. Like flying a plane with faulty gauges.

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